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Intelligent Labelling

We don't just print awesome labels

The label world is changing, we have now developed along side some of our partners to bring to you some of the most advanced and cutting edge smart labels. To help you achieve compliance and Due diligence. 

From developing systems for the incoming DPP (Digital Product Passport) for all goods moving through the EU, to Colour changing labels that react to a set criteria of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and time. 

RFID labels and printers, used for identifying and tracking products are available off the shelf to be able to create bespoke projects. 

Along side these we have now gone to market with  an effective and reliable linerless range of thermal label printers and the labels to go with them. Which in turn means 50% less waste to recycle, more labels per roll, so less changing of rolls, improves H&S and saves you money.

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Label Printing In Bradford

DPP/ Barcoding/ Verification/ Compliance

The DPP (Digital Product Passport)

Led by the EU, is a framework to collect and share essential product information throughout the supply chain of specific products and markets, allowing full traceability of the individual product. Facilitates product life cycles, re-cycling, end of life stages and ultimately reduces environmental impact.


We can provide systems such as BarTender and BarTender cloud for you to be able to create and print your own barcodes and variable data, we print in house to the GS1 standard.


Is the process of grading barcodes both 1d & 2d, this is done through precision instruments either stand alone or now available in-line 


Having verification processes in place shows your due-diligence and compliance, this is saved throughout the process thus being able to prove the readability standard of the printed code. 

Linerless Labels

Direct Thermal labels are now available in a linerless format.

Linerless labels feature a silicone release coating on the top layer of the labels that enables them to peel away from the labels underneath.

The silicone coating allows linerless labels to essentially act as their own liner.

Reducing material use and waste is helping to create a more sustainable future.

By removing the liner there will be more labels on a roll, reduces more materials and waste, saves time, reduces storage space and transport costs along with costs savings!

Mobile printer options are available along with desktop and industrial models.


RFID has become an established and accessible technology for applications such as tracking goods through the supply chain and managing stock in retail stores.

An RFID label has a UHF RFID transponder (or inlay) embedded between the base stock and the release liner and a small antennae and they use radio waves to communicate information to other devices. When an RFID label is placed near a special reader device, the radio waves from the reader activate the chip in the label, allowing it to send information back to the reader.  This information could include things such as the product name, price or even location.

The RFID inlay is encoded and can be overprinted like on a standard label.  RFID data can be accessed without visibility of the tag itself in real time and multiple labels can be read almost simultaneously.

These labels are available with many face stocks and adhesives so they can be suited to work in many different environments.

Of course an RFID label is only useable if you have the correct hardware such as mobile, desktop or industrial printer and a handheld, gateway or overhead readers to work along side and we can assist with this also.

Environmental Sensors 

Before labels only told you what a product was, now they can tell you so much more:

There are 2 types of these sensors: Electronic & Visual 

Electronic sensor collect environmental readings that are delivered to the user and the cloud for analysis.

Visual indicators reveal environmental excursions via colour changes to provide front line workers with actionable insights 

These indicators can react to; UV light, bacteria, moisture, humidity, chemicals and temperature.

They can all be used within Pharma and medical, manufacturing, food service, cold chains, retail, transportation and logistics.



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