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Introducing a New greener way of Labelling

Linerless thermal labels are the greener option in thermal printing, no backing waste and so many more.
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Thermal Linerless labels

Linerless is here, is it time to move across?

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Available in Mobile, Desktop & Industrial printers

Less is More with Linerless Printing Solutions

Using linerless labels can also help organisations reduce fines. Eliminating liner waste enhances safety and helps comply with HSE standards by reducing waste material remaining on warehouse floors and work areas during production.

The 4 Key Advantages of Linerless Labels

  1. Faster Processing: Linerless labels enhance speed in operations while maintaining quality. It eliminates the added step of requiring the printer or the operator to peel off the label backing and discard it. Instead, operators can take the label straight from the printer and affix it immediately to the package.


  1. Reduced Waste: It’s often noted that using traditional labels with liners generates the most waste during the packaging process. After peeling and affixing the label, the backing is tossed in the trash and sent off to the landfill. By getting rid of the peel-off backing, linerless labels reduce waste making it a greener option that is better for landfills, and the environment.


  1. Reduced Freight and Storage Footprint: With the elimination of the label backing, users benefit from more linerless labels per roll versus a traditional roll of labels with liner. Users enjoy additional savings in freight costs and storage space. More labels per roll means less rolls are needed to complete the job.


  1. Enhanced Safety: Trash and potential accidents can result from labels with the peel-off backing cluttering the shop floor. In high volume shipping areas, litter from label liners can be significant. By reducing waste with linerless labels, there is less clutter to hamper production, which can enhance safety and often improve compliance with HSE standards.